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ILHS currently operates four centrally located residential homes, housing four clients each and an apartment complex that provides private housing and care worker support for seven clients in their own apartments.

All of the homes are wheelchair-accessible and provide each tenant his or her own room. Some furnishings are provided, but tenants are free to decorate with their own personal effects. One of the Gordon Head houses is very proud of its wheelchair accessible “raised garden”, which is the sole responsibility of the tenants. Residential Care Workers are available on a 24-hour basis to assist the tenants to develop a more independent lifestyle in a very active way, and to the extent that they are able, manage housing finances, participate in decision-making, and direct activities of daily living..

Living in these homes is an affordable option for those who receive BC Benefits for Persons With Disabilities. Those who qualify receive subsidies from the Ministry of Housing, BC Housing Management Commission and the Ministry of Health, Long Term Care Program. The tenants then contribute towards food, shared utilities (for example, telephone, cable, and hydro) and rent. To qualify for housing with the Independent Living Housing Society, one must require personal, intermediate or extended care, and must have been assessed and approved by Long Term Care or eligible for services from the Community Living Services branch of the Ministry for Children and Family Development.


I’m happy in my new home! I love the colour of my purple room. I have my own rocking chair in the living room which is comfy. I sometimes watch shows with my roommate. We have lots of parties and get togethers. I enjoy spending time in the kitchen where I can cook and generally pitch in. Operation Trackshoes was fun! I went for the first time this year. I enjoyed playing all the games and I’ve saved my ribbons. I’ve had lots of fun times this summer!

- Tina

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