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Contracted Services

Home Share

Individuals choose Home Share because it provides an ideal balance of support and independence. It is entirely person-centred allowing individuals to select a home share provider and home environment that suits them best. Support is flexible and evolves according to Individual changing needs. For some, Home Share is a stepping-stone to even greater independence. For others, it is an arrangement that will last for many years. An Individual may already have a specific home share provider in mind, or they may ask for assistance to match with a Home Share provider who will best support their needs and lifestyle preferences.

Eligibility for Home Share with ILHS is determined by Community Living British Columbia (CLBC)

See more information for Individuals, provided by CLBC here:… /Introduction-to-Home-Sharing-Person-FINAL.pdf


Host Agency

Individualized Funding (IF) empowers Individuals to choose activities and live in their communities in the way that makes them happy. IF supports Individuals to use money allocated to them by CLBC to create new, innovative service options and to make individual choices about how the supports and services they require are provided.

The Individual, or the person supporting them (called the agent), hire people directly or may work with a Host Agency that will help choose and hire people to support them. The Host Agency will then contract with the people who provide the direct support.

A Host Agency is an agency approved by CLBC that is selected to administer the money allocated by CLBC. The Host Agency works with the Individual to arrange and manage the supports required. This option gives the benefits of Individualized Funding, but with less responsibility for paperwork, record-keeping and the administrative task of being the Employer of Record.

At ILHS we work in partnership with Individuals and their agent to create the support they desire to thrive and live life to the fullest.

Referrals are made by CLBC and funding is dependent on service type allocated by CLBC.


I love my home! My favourite thing is the great food. I have lots of fun with my staff and we stay quite busy. We have parties, which are the best! I have my own phone line and I love staying in touch with my family and friends. I had a great time at Operation Trackshoes and my brother joined me in the game. I love baseball and we go to see the Harbour Cats in the summer. My sports teams are the Blue Jays and Canucks. The best times of the year are my birthday when I have these parties and Christmas when I get to spend lots of time with family and friends.

- Scott

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