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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide low income housing?

Yes, there is a rent subsidy available and for those who are eligible, the rent is typically one third of monthly income.

Who is eligible for placement at an ILHS house and how do I access your housing and services?

If you are supported by Community Living BC (CLBC), you need to speak to your Analyst or Facilitator to inquire about your eligibility. If you are supported by Island Health (IH), you need to speak with your Social Worker or other primary Island Health support.

Can my significant other live with me while I am living in one of your homes?

We have some housing options that may be suitable for couples.

Do you provide seniors specific house?

While ILHS does not provide senior specific housing, ILHS supports adults of all ages.

Are you planning to build any new homes and/or apartments?

Part of our current Strategic Plan is to create more housing options; however, at this point ILHS does not have any specific plans to build.

What is the rent at your homes?

There is a rent subsidy available and for those who are eligible. The rent is typically one third of monthly income.

Can you provide care to someone in their own home?

No, ILHS does not provide care to people living in private homes.


I love my home! My favourite thing is the great food. I have lots of fun with my staff and we stay quite busy. We have parties, which are the best! I have my own phone line and I love staying in touch with my family and friends. I had a great time at Operation Trackshoes and my brother joined me in the games. I love baseball and we go to see the HarbourCats in the summer. My sports teams are the Blue Jays and Canucks. The best time of the year are my birthday when I have three parties and Christmas when I get to spend lots of time with family and friends.

- Scott

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