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Mission Statement

Vision Statement

My home, our community, a world where everyone is welcome.

Mission Statement

To provide safe and comfortable homes where people with diverse abilities are supported to achieve more independent lifestyles.

Values Statement

At the Independent Living Housing Society of Greater Victoria we value…

  • the rights of all people and strive to ensure they are understood and
  • relationships based on empowerment, respect, trust, equality and
  • homes and workplaces that create a strong sense of belonging and
    embrace individuality and diversity.
  • homes and workplaces that promote health, wellness and safety.
  • meaningful recognition, celebration and personal growth.
  • open communication and collaboration.
  • quality and strive for continuous growth and improvement.

Rights Statement

At the Independent Living Housing Society of Greater Victoria, Individuals supported have the right to…

  • maintain their individuality and dignity.
  • privacy and confidentiality.
  • be free from abuse, neglect, exploitation and discrimination.
  • be fully involved in independent living decisions.
  • live in a manner consistent with their needs, interests and capabilities.
  • receive quality-managed services.


I like that I have my independence in my home, but that I always have the assistance of my caregivers if I need help with anything. ILHS makes sure that I have healthy meals, my medical needs are monitored and taken care of, and that I get out into the community safely and on a regular basis. ILHS is a fun, loving, and caring environment that has allowed me to make long-lasting relationships with both the staff and the other Individuals I live with.

- Tina

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