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The Heathers

The Heathers is a unique housing option in a great location near Tillicum Mall.  Our Individuals supported each have a lovely one-bedroom accessible apartment.  A common room is also available that hosts a full kitchen, big screen TV, Wii and other entertainment options.  Individuals supported can regularly be found enjoying group activities or doing their laundry in the common room.  Our staff are available to provide support as needed and are contacted via cell phone service.


I feel like I’m on vacation when I go to the B&B. I get to have a break and so does my Mom. The people there are nice. The staff are friendly and supportive. I like talking to them; they treat me with respect. It’s always fun at the B&B. I visit with friends, go to the mall, Special Woodstock and throw parties! We even went to a Pow Wow.

- Corinne

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