My home, our community ... a world where everyone is welcome!


Independence means make decisions about your own life.  In his ILHS house Calvin enjoys the privacy of his own space where he decides what he wants to do … and many times that means spending time on his computer.






Char loves to entertain friends in her ILHS home and really knows how to throw a great party! Choosing how she wants to lead her life is important to her and she knows she can make those choices because house staff are always available with a helping hand.



Everybody pitches in to keep ILHS houses clean and bright! Most people dread doing chores but Ryan has a way of making them fun!  Helping to keep his home tidy and organized is an important part of an independent lifestyle.


Like most of us, many people with physical or developmental disabilities would like to live independently where they can determine their own environment and make their own lifestyle choices.  The Independent Living Housing Society of Greater Victoria makes that possible.  ILHS builds or modifies existing homes to accommodate people with special needs and helps them operate the homes for safe and comfortable living.

The Independent Living Housing Society of Greater Victoria is a non-profit organization governed by a Board of Directors and administered by the Executive Director and administrative office staff. Community Living BC and the Vancouver Island Health Authority provide funding to ILHS.