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Thelma Clark Memorial Award 2022

It is our great pleasure to announce Nenalin Mondejar as this year’s winner of the Thelma Clark Memorial Award.

Nena is a Residential Care Worker who has been with us since 2011 and has spent the majority of her career at Hawthorne House. A strong advocate for the people she supports, Nena always provides the highest quality of care. She supports the people who live at Hawthorne House to achieve their identified goals including learning how to cook and bake.

Throughout her career, Nena has always spoken positively about ILHS and the values within the organization. She truly believes that “good living starts with home” and works hard to ensure people at Hawthorne House have a wonderful home and lead a good life. She supports people to be as independent as they can. And believes in equality for all and that every person has inherent value.

We are so fortunate to have Nena as part of the ILHS family and the Hawthorne House team.

Winter Wonderland 2022

ILHS was pleased to welcome Individuals supported, employees, families, and friends back to our Winter Wonderland party! Guests were merry and greeted with food, beverage, and jolly good tunes. One of our Individuals Supported celebrated 37 years of living at Falmouth House by singing a song and playing his guitar. There were also arts and crafts for children to participate in and work with, and of course. Many memories were made.

House Updates

In Westview, we held our Mount View Community Picnic, and had a great turnout to accompany the last of the warm summer weather. Once summer turned to fall and Halloween hit, we held a costume competition. First place went to… Bella! Our resident pug, dressed up as a hot dog (the rest of us didn’t seem to stand a chance!). The Individuals Supported later organized a potluck party in the program space that was enjoyed by many people at Westview with an impressive spread of food! After the success of the Halloween party, the organizers planned another event to celebrate Christmas filled with Christmas decorations and gifts for all.

At Falmouth House, we hosted a backyard BBQ and invited our friends from Hawthorne, Easter, Westview, and Feltham houses for a day filled with games and laughter.

The staff and Individuals Supported at Hawthorne and Feltham houses enjoyed a beautiful vacation at Cox Bay Beach in Tofino in October. We visited the long, sandy beaches, and then warmed up inside for lunches at the local restaurants. It sure was a rainy trip to remember! Back at the Hawthorne House, we later hosted a joint birthday celebration for a few of the Individuals Supported where friends and family joined for gifts and to enjoy a slice of delicious chocolate cake.

At Feltham House, Spooky Season hit, and we all enjoyed a fantastic community Halloween party. We were joined by witches, ghosts, ladybugs, and more! November was upon us shortly after, and our Individuals Supported showed their respects for Truth and Reconciliation Day by wearing orange shirts and attending events. For Thanksgiving, we all got the whole crew together to enjoy some much-needed laughter and food!


I like living at the B&B! There are lots of people to visit with and lots of things to do like walking to the library, Walmart, gardening, beading and making bird feeders. The staff here are good cooks. I give it a thumbs up!

- Peter

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